We offer test preparation and writing lessons for IELTS and Pearson Test of English (PTE).

The IELTS lessons cover each section of the test i.e. writing, reading, listening and speaking.   And, all the questions in PTE, particularly: essay, describe image, retell lecture, summarise written test, summarise spoken text and re-order paragraph.

Included in every lesson for homework, you will write an essay, which will be marked and verbal feedback given.  This shows you the mistakes and how to correct them and importantly – how to write better essays to ensure a good writing mark.

We specialise in the writing section of both tests and in particular, essays.  We will mark and give you verbal feedback on essays you write or any of the writing questions in the PTE test.  This means you will have your essays/writing accessed without having to do a full length lesson.

Our tutors, who are experienced and qualified, have been teaching English, IELTS and PTE for over 10 years.   They are patient, enthusiastic and have a proven record of obtaining good results from their students.    The team is led by Sarah Purnell who holds a CELTA certificate from Cambridge University and who regularly teaches at top private (public) schools in the UK.

Appreciation From Happy Students:

I just want to thank you for the great IELTS preparation lesson you gave me in December 2016. I managed to score 8.5 overall and my lowest score was 8.0.

I was hoping for a minimum score of 7.0 in all of the sections, but after doing your lesson I managed to score 8.0! This is a huge benefit to me as having a minimum score of 8.0 gives me an additional 10 points on my visa application.

Keep up the great work Sarah!

Koos Els
Now living in Australia

Hi Sarah!!! I am in tears!!! This time it is happy tears!!!!! I got my 8 for writing!!!! Everything 8 and above!!!! Thank you so much!! Thanks for your brilliant feedback on all my sessions and helping me to achieve my goal!!! I was not so happy with my flow, but I kept to the skeleton and was so nervous to look for my results!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Anzette van Staden
Now living in Australia

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say thank you for the help, I managed to obtain the required score yesterday.

Ryan Oberto
Now living in Australia